The Test For Participating In Graduate Entry Programmes

Graduate medical school admission test

GAMSAT stands for Graduate medical school admission test that is developed by the Australian council for educational research also termed as ACER. This test is conducted to screen the students for participating in the graduate entry programmes. This test is intended to evaluate the capacity of the students to carryout high grade intellectual studies in the health and medical programmes. This exam evaluates the skills and abilities gained from the prior learning and experience, mastery of the skills, concept usage in basic science and gaining capability to resolve critical thinking, problem solving and writing. Non-science students are also eligible to appear GAMSAT.

GAMSAT is held to evaluate and analyze the graphical and written material. It measures the skills acquired since a long time, reasoning ability, judgments and logical deductions.Graduate entry schools and ACER do not endorse any preparation course for GAMSAT. But,there are strategies and material allocated for the students to prepare for the GAMSAT, developed and published by ACER.

There are certain websites and organizations that are well-versed in providing training courses to prepare the students for GAMSAT. GAMSAT preparation course is made to suit the needs of the students appearing for the relevant exam. There are organizations that offer home study GAMSAT preparation courses, home study preparation along with online study and home study preparation accompanied by online study and live course.

Functions of companies providing GAMSAT practice material

The best GAMSAT preparation course is offered by a few companies, which focus on publishing GAMSAT textbook, completed working solutions for all GAMSAT practice material, providing Live GAMSAT courses across the internet. These organizations are keen at providing the material for GAMSAT that can offer the teaching right up to the exam level.

The commercially available GAMSAT preparation course includes

 Complete review that includes even the math section
 About 1000 practice problems that are solved
 GAMSAT full length practice test with proper explanations
 High yield MP3s, flash cards and special bonus DVDs
 Complete 21 hour DVD science lecture series that contain all the GAMSAT science topics

The teaching in science topics includes the subjects like biology, physics, organic chemistry and general chemistry. The home study plan by these companies include complete GAMSAT course consisting of tips and comments for the corrected essays. The home study section also involves a discussion forum conducted online for discussing 3000 practice problems with solutions. The discussion will be done on the full length practice tests, mini tests and chapter review questions. The student will not require any other material or text book other than this help. Student can have this commercially available material apart from the book or material provided by ACER.

These commercially available preparation courses for GAMSAT also include practice tests with scaled scores. The students have long time access to the 3-month online video library that stretches to about three month period. Some of the companies offering GAMSAT courses are also considerate in providing free 100+ videos on solutions to ACER practice problems. The teaching here is flexible enough to provide the student an occasion to learn at
their own stride.